How to create Pixel code on facebook

1. One pixel keeps track of all
Those who have business websites, using Facebook Advertising are familiar with the concept Pixel ads. Previously, Facebook maintained two types of pixels:

Audience pixel: Used to create specific site visits, for remarketing.
Pixel Conversion: Optimize website ads that measure the final effect a user visits a website.
The use of two separate types of advertisers difficult in the classification, tied the site pixel code. That’s why Facebook introduces a new pixel system called simply Facebook Pixel, which takes two custom object roles, measuring conversion rates. Pixel has many advantages over the old version.

2. Facebook Pixel Ad Installation Guide
Facebook announces the removal of the converted Pixel and transfers the entire system to the new pixel. So you should delete the old pixel available on the website to convert this new type.

To get new installed pixels into your website, follow these steps:

– Step 1: Access AdvertisingManager, at the Pixel Picker tab

Pixel advertising facebook

– Step 2: In Action, select View Pixel.

Pixel quảng cáo facebook

Pixel advertising facebook

New Facebook Pixel has the image below.

pixel advertising facebook

– Step 3: Insert the website pixel code

Once the pixel has been copied, it can be inserted manually, thanks to the web engineer who inserts the code in the middle of the <head> tag in the code of all web pages.

Additional hint: The “powered by blogger” widget removal guide
To check whether the Pixel has been mounted successfully, use the Facebook Pixel Helper Utility on the Google Chrome browser, Coc Cog. The gadget will announce the number of pixels embedded on the website, the ID of the creative account that owns Pixel.

FB Pixel Helper – Chrome Web Store – Google Chrome 2015-11-19 00.39.10

3. How to generate conversion measurement code
With Facebook’s new pixel system, there are two ways to generate conversion metrics:

pixel quảng cáo facebook

Add Standard event code: The method requires inserting a short pixel on the page you want to track. The way is quite complex so do not introduce in the article.
Use custom conversion manager: This is a simpler way, suitable for you not know many website techniques.
4. How to create a custom audience
The above is a guide to the system of Facebook advertising pixel update. Any further questions, please leave a comment in the comments below!

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