Fix a bug with photos on Blogspot

Mistake # 1: How often do you blog Blogger blogs that the blogspot upload uploads related to or Google+ that appear? Then delete all or Google+ and then back to Blog. Encountered “Image error due to deletion when unknown”. Since photos uploaded to Blogspotupload on Google+ are stored at The only solution is to upload all the deleted photos instead of linking each image


Error 2: Error by the network operator is sure to know everyone, the network only block domain contains only! So where is the Blogger user exit?

Option 1: Manual editing: When uploading pictures, the image link is *, just move the article to HTML mode and then edit the link to or OK.

Method 2: Use Javascript, with links automatically transferred to Go to Blog => Template => Edit HTML. Press Ctrl + F and find the </ body> tag. Then paste the code above the </ body> tag and save

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