Free WordPress plugins support clone website

1. Duplicator – Clone site WordPress with 3 steps
Free WordPress Website Clone

This is a free plug-in that supports full-featured, easy-to-use WordPress clone, but offers only a few features, but it’s a full-featured plugin for the WordPress clone site. What you need to do with this plugin is to create the package clone, download it and install it on your site through a separate script. See the video tutorial here.

2. NS Cloner

Free WordPress Website Clone

Not as neatly as Duplicator but it is a good choice to do “duplicate” WordPress website. The plugin supports some advanced features, in return for a fee to use that feature.

3. XCloner
Free WordPress Website Clone

You can understand this is the plugin to help backup the website data, then can take that data to other WordPress website for this plugin and restore on it. The plug-in is a lot of backup or backup features, such as time, select the folder to backup, security ,. Download the XCloner documentation.

4. Default Blog

If you do not want to clone a full-featured WordPress website, just extract some parts of the original site (post, page, category, configuration, plugin, theme … ..) using the Default Blog plugin.

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