Put more than one H1 tag – Should or not?

Head tags play an important role in SEO results, helping search engine readers understand what the site is about. Therefore, adding heading tags on the page is extremely important.

However, we can create <H1> tags on the page? And how many <H1> tags are there on the page?

How can you add <H1> tags on the page?
how many on the page

Previously, HTML4 only allowed users to use a single <H1> tag on the page. Thus, <H1> will only be used to assign the page title. However, this can be difficult when you can not determine which content tags are marked on the page, there is more to tag <H1>.

However, HTML5, users can create more than one <H1> tag on the site.

Should create more than one <H1> tag on the page?
As mentioned, we should create more than one H1 tag on the page with HTML5 using them more if the SEO investor can not determine what is the main content on the page.

What happens if the search appliance receives too many unrelated H1 tags on the page? (In the case of the Blog, it is a long list of articles, each with the title tag always assigned to the H1 tag.) Googlebot is unlikely to be able to determine what the main investor keyword is on this page, and may cause the site to be misplaced on the SERP.

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However, investors need to use more than 1 H1 tag (02 cards in particular) at the sales website, when you are in need of both products with the brand of the company (accompanying products). The brand name website / business right into the product tittle is not so, aesthetically easy to make users into boring. You can optimize the website’s logo to put the logo H1, parallel title of the article can SEO products with the website brand.

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