What should be sold on facebook?

Sales on facebook are being used by many people for self-employment, and this is a great sales channel used by large manufacturers to penetrate with tremendous efficiency. sell on this social network?

Sales on facebook
Sales on facebook empty?
As we know, facebook creates a connection to people, exchanges, learning or watching friends, and at the same time is a lucrative market of consumer retailers who favor the trend of entertainment, beauty, service or fashion, … .. All items are utilizing typical business on facebook is:

Fashion: Clothes or shoes and hats, …
Phone, electronics, laptop.
Real estate.
Borrowing credit.
Food Service…….
The sale of facebook is the strength to create a community, create good brand image, just imagine if there is a event that need to start up many people respond to your company brand, so use facebook to Create a community that is important in the business process or called facebook marketing.

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