The M4A format is mainly considered as a successor to MP3 because it has the same features, but compared to MP3, M4A files contain compressed audio tracks with the same bit rate and smaller file size. M4A files have 128 kbit/s, 192 kbit/s or 256 kbit / s stereo bit rate (bit rate determines the amount of data transfer for a certain period of time in the digital network). Base unit of measure is kbps and Mbps, respectively, that means kilobits per second and megabits per second.

Regardless of the device used, a higher value means higher speed. For example, if you are familiar with music decoding, you probably know that the recommended speed is 192 kbps because it provides excellent quality combined with a small file size. For obvious reasons, M4A files with ALAC compression provide the highest quality because the elements of the original audio signal are not lost. Even with M4A files decoded with losses in AAC, the tests show that they still provide better quality than MP3 encoded at the same bit rate, especially at a rate equal to or less than 128 kbit/s.

File size and quality are directly related to bitrate. As the bit rate increases, the sound quality improves and the file size increases. For example, to achieve the same level of quality, the MP3 file must be encoded at 192 kbit/s, and the M4A song requires a bit rate of only 128 Kbit/s, which will also result in a smaller file size. The MP3 format is still used in the music industry. It is supported by almost all devices and programs. M4A is limited to devices such as iPod (and other Apple devices), iTunes services, and personal computers.

How to convert m4a to mp3

The M4A, or MPEG-4 audio layer, is a file extension that stores only the audio track. Files in this format are characterized by higher sound quality than MP3, and are often used on devices such as iPhone or iPod. Among the programs that support this format are Windows Media Player, Quicktime, iTunes, and Popcorn Roxio, Toast, and Creator. Why and how can I reformat the M4A in MP3? Converting music from M4A to MP3 is especially necessary if you want to open a file on a device that does not support the M4A format. MP3 format is a standard audio format that is recognized by almost all types of devices and audio players.


Freemake Video Converter
It is a multimedia Converter that is provided free of charge. Its special feature is the support of more than 200 formats (not only video, but also audio and graphics files). Another interesting feature is the ability to convert directly from M4A to MP3, as well as video materials on the Internet: the tool works with more than 40 popular websites that allow you to publish video files. This group could not have been missing giants like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Processed files can be easily converted into a format that is suitable for any portable devices from Apple or smartphone running Android. The program also supports portable Sony PSP consoles. It is also possible to convert the material directly to a playable version on the PlayStation 2/3 or Xbox. Selecting a target format or platform is very simple and comes down to clicking one of the icons visible at the bottom of the window. A good combination of simplicity and features!

Video files with movies and text files accompanying them as subtitles are quite a popular form of digital video storage. Freemake Video Converter knows how to recognize a subtitle file for a given movie (supports files in the following formats: SRT, SST, ASS) and then combine them into one resulting video file so that the subtitles are also displayed on devices that cannot recognize and display individual text files.

Freemake Video Converter

Some complain about the stability of the video editor Freemake. We did not notice that the program was unstable, but it is worth remembering that support for CUDA and DXVA was implemented experimentally: this part of the code is still in beta. People interested, for example, in removing ads from the original video file, can use the built-in very easy-to-use video editor. There is a function of direct copying of music and photos to YouTube. Of course, as befits a multimedia “harvester”, he could not miss the function of creating a slide show and visualization of music played.

Standard media editing mechanisms provide options for changing conversion parameters, including the ability to select codecs (independently for each video track and audio material) to determine frame size, resolution, display, and stream bit rate (also independently for audio and video), which can be constant (CBR) or variable (VBR). To change the audio format from M4A to MP3, click the “Open” button in the main program window and select the necessary tracks. Then, at the bottom of the program, click the “MP3″ button, set the conversion parameters (bitrate and path to the saved file) and wait for the end of the procedure.

Movavi Video Converter
Enjoy all file formats! There are more than 180 extensions and codecs: DVD, HD video, QuickTime, Flash, HTML5, AVCHD, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, 3GPP, MKV, M4V, VRO, WMV, VOB, DAT, MPG, IFO, M2T, etc. Your player can not read some music files and podcasts? Now it can! Use the built-in editing options: rotate, add watermark, apply filter, improve quality, etc. Publish the effect of your work on Facebook and YouTube. Create websites and publish your videos. Thanks to Movavi, you will create videos with HTML code, allowing you to add it to your blog or web site. When you convert or burn a movie to DVD, you can add subtitles in popular fonts. Use the preview window to instantly evaluate the effect after conversion. Automatically convert video files after uploading them to the Watch directory. The files stored there will be decoded automatically.

Movavi Video Converter

The graphics processor in NVIDIA CUDA technology allows you to convert files 8 times faster. Convert files in just a few clicks thanks to an optimized multi-touch interface for use on a Windows tablet or laptop with a touchpad. Thanks to the use of Intel HW codecs and Intel Ivy Bridge microprocessors, 2 times faster conversion is achieved. To transfer a file from м4а to MP3 in a program as simple as Freemake Video Converter. The intuitive interface will not allow you to make a mistake or” stall ” in one place. First, open your audio file. To do this, click the “Open” button in the upper left corner of the program. Then go to the “Audio” tab and select “in MP3”. Then you need to specify the folder to save, press “Start” and wait until the program will make the format of M4A MP3.

Free M4A to MP3 Converter
Free M4A to MP3 Converter is a small, easy – to-use program to convert audio files. The application allows you to convert between formats:

.AAC in .MP3;
.M4a in .MP3;
.M4b in .MP3;
.AAC in .WAV;
.M4a in .WAV.
Free M4A to MP3 Converter

The software has a clear interface that makes its operation intuitive and comes down to a few clicks. To convert audio from M4A to MP3 online, you need to follow a few steps:

In the upper left corner of the program, click on the “Add files” button and find your music in M4A format.
Specify the folder where you want to save the new files (you can choose the same or a new one).
Set the output file format (MP3).
In the upper right corner, click the Convert button and wait for the operation to complete. Ready!
Format М4А only gains its popularity that can explain less weight and a higher bitrate than MP3. Therefore, most users are increasingly immersed in the network in search of software that will help quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – for free, convert your music from M4A to MP3.

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